See If You Qualify For Worker’s Compensation


Worker’s compensation claims are incredibly complicated. How do you know if you even qualify? Consult with The Witt Law Firm and we’ll help you figure it out. Our attorneys will determine the cause of your workplace accident and determine how much you are owed by your employer. We’ll aggressively pursue compensation to reimburse you for lost wages, past and future medical expenses and any resulting emotional distress caused by the accident.

Ensure you’re pursuing what’s rightfully yours. Consult The Witt Law Firm to see if you’re entitled to a monetary reward because of a workplace injury!

Recover from physical and financial hardship

Your workplace is supposed to be a safe environment, but accidents happen. That’s where The Witt Law Firm comes in. We’ll represent you in Lubbock, Texas if you’ve been injured at work as a result of:

  • Employer negligence
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Contagious diseases contracted in the workplace
  • Malfunctioning machinery

We can handle claims from all of these and more. Get started by calling The Witt Law Firm in Lubbock, TX. a call today at (806) 507-0404

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