Has a Driver’s Negligence Left You Hurting?


Car accidents are scary enough without being injured. Add in a pile of medical bills because of an injury, and you’ve got the recipe for a full-blown nightmare. The Witt Law Firm will help you get back on track again. We’ll represent you if you were hurt in an accident caused by a reckless driver, and hold the responsible party legally accountable for their actions. We’ll also seek compensation to help you cover the cost of medical care, lost wages and emotional suffering.

Get what you deserve for your pain. Have The Witt Law Firm fight for you!

Don’t try to work it out with your insurance company

You may be hesitant to file a personal injury suit based on the advice of your insurance company, but don’t wait another moment if you think you have a case. Unlike your insurance company, The Witt Law Firm of Lubbock will have your best interests in mind and get you the compensation you’re entitled to. Insurance companies are out to pay you as little as possible. Our legal team will represent your best interests in court and recover damages for your injuries.

Don’t hesitate when it comes to an auto accident. Hire an auto accident attorney to handle your case if you’re injured. Give The Witt Law Firm in Lubbock, TX. a call today at (806) 507-0404

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