Oil Company Trying to Be Slick When You’re Hurt?

Make them pay with the help of The Witt Law Firm in Lubbock, Texas.

There has been a big increase in demand for oil over the past couple of decades. Unfortunately, that sometimes comes at a hefty price. If you work for a big oil company and were harmed in the workplace, The Witt Law Firm can help. Big oil companies need to be held accountable when poor practices and unsafe environments hurt their most valuable assets. We’ll ensure they don’t wriggle out of paying you what you deserve for your pain and suffering!

Discuss the details of your injury with one of our knowledgeable attorneys, and we’ll formulate a strategy to take your employer to task. Get started by calling The Witt Law Firm today.

Don’t become another workplace statistic in Lubbock, TX

Texas has become one of the top states when it comes to oilfield injuries. Take a stand and prevent further negligence by working with The Witt Law Firm. Our team will make sure your company, and the oil industry as a whole, are considered legally responsible when you’ve suffered an injury in the field.

We’ll aggressively pursue worker’s compensation and won’t let big business take advantage of the little guy! Learn more by reaching out to The Witt Law Firm.

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