Several of the factors that go into winning a case comes from factors such as an attorneys ability to collect evidence, make valid arguments, and  most importantly persuade the jury and the judge.  An attorneys ability to make good/valid arguments can significantly shape the overall outcome of an individuals case. In making a good argument, an attorney must consider what arguments to make, and which ones to leave out. A few ways in which a good argument may be presented is primary through:

  • Claim/Main point: “It is necessary…” (based on knowledge and research of specific topic)
  • Counterclaim: “However… ” (based primarily on reason and evidence of a given situation)
  • Reason: “In view of the fact that…” (based on the “whys” and importance of a stated claim)
  • Evidence: “Attributable to…” (based on the claim stated you need to have sufficient grounding/backing on to hold truth to a given claim)

Increasing the chances of the validity of an arguments in overall terms helps to make a clear and concise pathway allowing for better understanding from your targeted audience. As a well known injury attorney in Lubbock, Matt Witt has all the criteria needed to win your case, and settlement. Give us a call or email for more information.