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Sharing the Road with Motorcyclist

By June 29, 2017January 25th, 2024No Comments

As discussed in another post there are many types of drivers. Beside the typical car, truck and SVU there are also Semi-trucks and motorcycles. These tips are to insure that you know how to safely and fairly share the road with motorcyclists.

Always check your blind spots before changing lanes, since bikes are small, bigger vehicles tend to not be able to see them in their side view mirror.

When passing a motorcyclists be careful because if you are going to fast the gust of wind your car creates could throw the motorcyclist off balance.

Keep your space when driving behind a motorcycle. A rear-end collision can be fatal for the person driving the motorcycle.

If there is a major difference in the weather, may it be snow, rain, or strong winds be cautious, for this weather tends to making driving more difficult for motorcyclists. This also applies to night time driving.

Watch out for motorcycles that have their turn signals on, while most cars are self-cancelling turn signals and turn off after the turns a good majority of the bikes on the road do not. Keep your distance to insure the biker has time to turn safely.

No matter if there are 332 cars on the highway or if you are driving down a deserted dirt road you should always be cautious and obey traffic laws in order to keep the roads safe for all participants.

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