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Sharing the Road with Truck Drivers

By June 28, 2017January 25th, 2024No Comments

The road is shared by many types of drivers. While most of us have cars, SUVS, or trucks there are also motorcyclists and semi-trailer trucks. Semi-trailer trucks are large and if you are not vigilant around them could find yourself in a pretty dangerous situations. Here are some tips on how to keep the roads safe for all those who drive on them.

If you are passing a semi, always pass them on the left because it has a smaller blind spot than the right side. Also be sure to maintain a consistent speed when passing.

Semi’s have a longer stopping periods so always be about 5-6 seconds behind them so that if the truck driver has to brake suddenly you can move out of the lane or brake as well.

If you can not see a semi’s mirrors then the driver can not see you.

Understand that semi’s are large vehicles and it is not the truckers drivers task to make you late for work or a date but to make sure that everyone on the road gets to where they need to be safely.

If everyone is cautious when they are driving and keeps other drivers in mind the roads will be a safe place for all.

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