A slip and fall can range from a mildly embarrassing situation to a sprain, or at times, even a broken bone. The severity of injuries can vary, and usually, the elderly are at a greater risk for more serious complications resulting from a slip and fall. Most people have heard advertisements from lawyers regarding slip and fall lawsuits, but how do you know if you should sue the owner of the home or business after slipping and falling on their property?
The Witt Law Firm suggest that minor slip and fall accidents resulting in no more than embarrassment should not result in a law suit. However, if a slip and fall results in loss of ability to function properly, due to serious injuries such as a sprain or bone break, then it is possibly time to contact an expert.
If a loved one or even yourself have experienced an injury resulting from a slip and fall, contact Matt Witt for your free consultation and we will get you the settlement you deserve.