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Summer Car Hazards

By July 18, 2017January 25th, 2024No Comments

The summer gets very hot, especially if you are from Texas. While the heat makes people dread heading outdoors, this is the time most families take their summer vacations. With school not in session the amount of young drivers during the day is higher. What comes with hot summer days is hot pavement and roads. The hot roads can cause wear and tear on your tires, which could lead to tire blowouts. We all see the remainder of tire spewed on the highway. Another common thing that we see is cars pulled over with the hood propped up or cars left behind on the side of the highway. This could be for many reasons, but a common occurrence is over heating. Make sure that your radiator is always topped off with coolant and keep some extra in your car in case of emergencies. Some ways to insure you have a safe summer is not driving excessively. If you do have to drive, do so during the cooler times. If you have an 8-5, try commuting via bus, train or carpooling. Make sure to never leave dogs or children in a hot car, even if it is just for a few minutes. With these tips you can insure this summer is a fun one.

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