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What to do as soon as you’ve been in a car accident

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Car accidents are not fun nor are they planned. Be prepared in case you are ever in one.
May it be that you hit someone or someone hits you the first thing to do is to move over to a safe area as far away from other cars as possible.
Then, make sure everyone in your car and the other cars is okay and conscious
Then, call your local police department and inform them if you are in need to an ambulance for someone of the scene and report the accident so that they can get a police officer out there as soon as possible and get the police report started.
Then, trade insurance information with the other person or persons involved in the accident.
Fourth, make sure to document all damages to any of the cars involved in the accident.
Then, if you are feeling any type of pain or can see any sort of injury go to the nearest hospital as soon as you can.
Lastly, file a claim and hire an attorney.

While there are some situations that these steps will not work. If you are on a major highway or a high traffic area and can not move be sure to call the police as soon as possible to avoid any other accidents.
If you are involved in a hit and run where the other person fled the scene try to remember or take a picture of the license plate but worry about yourself and those in your car first.
Also if the accident is so severe in which you are unconscious and have to be rushed out of the scene make sure that you get legal representation as soon as possible to make sure the process was done in a correct and just manner.

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