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What To Do At The Scene Of The Accident

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There is no doubt being involved in any kind of accident can be overwhelming and frightening. This can make it difficult to think of what you need to do right away. Essentially remain calm and be cooperative with others. Some important steps you need to take while at the accident scene in order to protect your rights include the following:

1. Turn on your vehicle’s emergency hazard lights.
2. If the accident is minor, move the vehicles to the side of the road and out of the way of traffic.
3. Stay at the scene of the accident until all drivers have exchanged insurance information. If there’s an injury and/or police/fire/EMS is called to the scene, remain at the scene until you’ve been dismissed by an officer.
4. Check yourself, passengers, and other drivers for any types of injuries. If anyone is injured and requires medical attention, call 9-1-1 immediately.
5. Even if no one has been hurt, you may want to call the police in order to have officers conduct an accident report. You can certainly file a claim with the insurance company later, but it will be much easier if a peace officer crash report has been made.
6. If at all possible, take photos of the damage to the vehicles and surrounding area.
7. Take notes on the details of the accident scene in order to retain as much evidence as possible.
8. Obtain the contact/insurance information of any other drivers who were involved, as well as any potential witnesses (including passengers).
9. Only sign papers for the police and no one else.
10. NEVER admit guilt or discuss fault. No good can come from it, and you risk getting into an needless argument.

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